VINTAGE SURFBOARD GARAGE offers FREE pick up in Torquay or Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 

Please select Torquay or Melbourne option at check out. VSG will be in contact to arrange your pick up on a set day and time at this preferred location. You will be required to sign for your items on pick up.

Please allow 3-5 days handling time after purchase, to get your board to your nominated pick up location. 

No stress if you need a little more time to come get your board, we can keep it safe til you can collect it. You can also send us an email if you need to discuss your order after purchase.


VINTAGE SURFBOARD GARAGE can organise delivery up the east coast of Australia (Melbourne - Noosa), through an independent surfboard courier.

There will be a separate charge for pre packing & handling to get your board to the nominated courier as well as the courier fee itself. Please email VSG for further details on these charges prior to purchasing.

If you live outside the east coast and cannot do local pick up, send us an email prior to purchasing to have a chat about your preferred board and if you have a buyer nominated courier that delivers to your location.

VINTAGE SURFBOARD GARAGE is not responsible for any goods shipped by a independent or buyer nominated courier. Buyer is liable. 

It is not advised to send boards via courier, we prefer local pick up. These boards are priceless collectors items and best option is local pick up !


VINTAGE SURFBOARD GARAGE does not offer international shipping. However, send us an email if you have an option for INTL shipping which you will be liable for.

VINTAGE SURFBOARD GARAGE is not responsible for any goods shipped, any duties, customs or import charges by an international buyer nominated courier. This is the responsibility solely of the buyer. It is advised to check with customs prior to purchasing.